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Online Services
What is Online Services?

Online Services allows you to:

  • View and pay bills securely online.
  • Save time by signing up to a Direct Debit payment plan.
  • Sign up to paperless billing - once registered, you will no longer receive paper bills and will be able to view your statements through our online services.
  • Manage your account online whenever you like.
I’m having trouble registering. What should I do?

Please make sure that you are registering as the account holder (your details must match the details shown on your bill). If you continue to have trouble registering, please call our 100% Australian-based team on 133 298 for support from Monday to Friday, 8am until 6pm (AEST). Or if it’s easier email us at enquiries@australianpowerandgas.com.au

Can I register more than one account?

As long as you are the account holder or the authorised representative, you can manage all your accounts within Online Services. For example you can register your electricity account, your gas account, and any Australian Power & Gas accounts you have for your secondary properties.

How do I register to receive my bills electronically?

It’s simple! Just login and update your details. You can opt-in to access your bills online. When your bill is ready for viewing we will notify you by email that it is ready to view.

One of my accounts is missing, what do I do?

Just login and add the new account via our Online Services. This can be done via the Add/Edit Accounts page under the Update Details menu. Please note that you can only add accounts where you are the account holder or the authorised representative.

Why aren’t my details updating?

Changes made online may take over 24 hours to be updated on our systems. Please wait while your changes are updated.

What happens to my Online Services profile if I move home?

When you move home, we will create new account details at your new home. Once you receive your welcome pack, you will be able to add this account to your existing Online Services profile. You will then be able to manage your old and new homes via online services. To move home, please let us know as soon as possible on 133 298 or email us at enquiries@australianpowerandgas.com.au

I have an account with another retailer. Can I bring this over to you?

Of course you can. Just signup your account with Australian Power & Gas and once you receive your welcome pack, you will be able to register this account with your Online Services profile. Please call us on 133 298 to discuss your options with our team on Monday to Friday, 8am until 6pm (AEST). Or if it’s easier email us at enquiries@australianpowerandgas.com.au

My account is no longer active. Can I still register the account with my online profile to view past bills?

No. You can only signup and register active accounts.

Australian Power & Gas Plus (Victorian Smart Meter customers only)
What is Australian Power & Gas Plus?

Australian Power & Gas Plus within Online Services allows Victorian smart meter customers to view your smart meter data, and will help you manage and understand your electricity usage.

What is the benefit of Australian Power & Gas Plus?

Australian Power & Gas Plus provides Victorian smart meter customers with an easy way to understanding how you are consuming electricity. You can monitor and be aware of what times of day your household uses it most. The information on your household is used to give you specific and relevant tips on how to save money on bills and use your energy wisely.

Use Australian Power & Gas Plus to:

  • Set a budget target to help you manage your costs
  • View your electricity consumption by week, day and hour
  • See how you compare to your neighbours
What does the Control tab do?

The Control tab lets you control your spending and monitor energy use. When initially visited, the chart at the centre of the Control page shows the most recent five weeks of electricity spend, with the current week highlighted in green. The spend is separated into the Service Charge (charged on a flat daily basis) and the Usage Charge which is based on the amount of electricity consumed. The blue line which runs through the middle of the chart reflects your weekly electricity budget.

On the Control graphs, what do the grey and blue lines mean?

The grey bars (weeks and days graphs) and grey line (hourly graph) indicate your estimated electricity usage. The blue line indicates is your rolling ‘average’ electricity usage.

What is the ‘Your Next Bill’ panel?

Your next bill panel shows you a projection of the size of your next bill based on your usage in the period to date. It also shows the expected date of your next bill, and the estimated amount you've spent so far in the current billing cycle. The estimated amount displayed does not include rebates, concessions or discounts. The estimated amount displayed does include GST. The “due after 30 Jan” date indicates the end of your billing period, and your bill will be sent to you after this date. The bill forecast is not a replacement for your actual electricity and gas bill that you will receive from Australian Power & Gas, which is an accurate reflection of the billing period.

What is the Neighbour Ranking?

The Neighbour ranking panel shows how your household’s electricity consumption compares with households similar to yours. This comparison is based on how much electricity you use per day and the number of people living in your house. The left part of the panel classifies you as either “Better than Betty” (Great - you use less than your most efficient neighbours), “On Par with Pete” (Good - you use less than your average neighbours), or “Not as good as Todd” (Not so good - you use more than your average neighbours).

Profile – Why all the questions?

Australian Power & Gas Plus aims to provide you with better information about your energy usage and personalised energy saving advice. As such, we ask you a few questions to help improve and personalise the information and advice we provide. If you would rather not answer some of the questions, feel free to select the "Rather not say" option.

Your Weekly Budget

To set your Weekly Budget, make sure you're at the Control page (click the tab to the left). Click and hold the blue handle on the right of the budget bar. Drag the budget handle to your desired weekly budget level. Release the budget handle. This locks in your new budget. This is a budget guide only, and does not lock in your actual bill. You can change your budget any time.

Explore Usage Detail

To see your energy usage in more detail, click on the column of the week you want to explore. By clicking on a week you will navigate to the days of the week view. By clicking on a day you will navigate to the half-hourly view. The image at the top of the chart highlights which level of view: Weeks, Days or Hours is currently being displayed. Depending on the current view level, the chart below will display different information: Weeks: The chart will show the spend for the five selected weeks. Days: The chart will show the spend for each day (7) in the selected week. The average line will show the average usage for that day of the week, for five most recent weeks. Hours: The chart will show the spend for each half-hourly interval (48) in the selected day. The average (blue) line will show the average usage for that half-hourly interval on that day of the week, for five most recent weeks.

Email Energy Report

You can receive your Energy Report by subscribing on the Profile page. Your Energy Report will let you know how your consumption compared to your Weekly Budget, and how you have been performing since it was first set.


As a Registered User, you consent to your smart meter data being provided to Australian Power & Gas’ third party contractor, Billcap, who provides your energy consumption data within Online Services, and branded as Australian Power & Gas Plus. We have a range of security measures in place to ensure your data is secure.

Why would I have any data gaps?

We’ve done our best to ensure all your data is presented. However, your data may contain some gaps which is a result of the data not being recorded for some time periods. If it is a recent data gap, we would expect this to be populated within 48-72 hours.

Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) customers

Australian Power & Gas Plus is available for solar customers, for your electricity consumption only. Australian Power & Gas Plus does not currently show your solar consumption or solar export.

Want to learn more about Australian Power & Gas Plus?

Click on the ‘How To Guide’ on the menu panel to see more detail.